Chalkida House

Dome: “round, vaulted roof,” 1656, from Fr. dome, from Prov. doma, from Gr. δώμα “house, housetop” (especially a style of roof from the east), related to domos “house” (see domestic). In the Middle Ages, Ger. dom and It. duomo were used for “cathedral” (on the notion of “God’s house”), so Eng. began to use this word in the sense “cupola,” an architectural feature characteristic of It. cathedrals.

The architectural design focuses on the conceptual and structural connection between the house and the dome on top of the living room area. The dome prevails with a rectagular solid shape on the outside. Inside views reveal a skylight section and the roof plantation both creating a soft rooftop garden.

Location: Euboea, Greece
Design Team: Demetra Karampelia & Divercity Architects
Status: proposal, 2010